Fiat Egea Automatic (DCT) Transmission Problem And Solution

  In Fiat Egea vehicles, problems occur in the DCT dual-clutch transmission over time. Most of the transmission deteriorations are observed due to the user. While the gearbox is considered as the driveline, the ball system and gears in the gearbox are extremely important parts. Let's read our Fiat Egea Automatic (DCT) Transmission Problem and Solution article, which is curious about the source of the problem. When Is There a Fault in Fiat Egea Automatic (DCT) Transmission? The balls and gears in the gearbox begin to wear out over time. Transmission oil is preferred to delay this wear. Renewing the transmission oil at the right time intervals allows the balls and gears to be used for a longer period of time. However, if problems occur even after the oil change, it is understood that the life of the transmission gears or balls is over. It will be possible to eliminate the problems by replacing the out-of-life transmission and ball bearings. Fiat Egea Automatic Transmission